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Kongens gate 55, Trondheim

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About Us

Stammen is a Café & Bar initiated by Mette, Marius and Helle. We are three enthusiastic people, helped by numerous volunteers, who want to do something good in our local community in Trondheim. On our Friday buffet we serve healthy vegan and vegetarian dishes made of organic ingredients. On our open evenings we also have nice organic drinks and snacks, and a stage with a variety of cultural events.

Stammen is a place where joy, creativity, diversity, harmony and much more, converge to create a unique space: A café and bar that reminds more of your own living room than a typical urban café.

Stop by and enjoy the evening.

Vegan, Vegetarian & Organic Food.

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Kongens gate 55, Trondheim
Thursday – Saturday 19 - 23

Stammen provides vegan, vegetarian and organic catering for you. Get in touch if you want something!

We also are open other weekdays when we have events – check our social profiles facebook page for more detailed info.